Monday, September 12, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

This weekend when I walked in the door from Garison's Bachelorette party Doug informed me there was an estate sale down the road. It is kind of like an alien has inhabited my husband's body. He has been saying things like "cas"(aka casual). I am thinking he his just being nice since I have been out of town so much.

I have never met a stripe I did not like. I plan on painting the wood white and calling it a day.

I am on a bar accessories kick lately. I love this tortoise/gold combo.
This 1960's console is going to get a fresh coat of glossy black paint.

Estate sale tip:
If you go on Sunday, most sales mark everything down 50% off around 11 or 12. There is usually not much to choose from but you can find amazing deals. We went home with the console and the chair for less than $100.    


  1. LOVE that chair- cant wait to see it white!

  2. Love all of these finds, especially the chair, so cute!


  3. you and your estate sale finds! where are you going to put the console?

  4. These are all really great finds. And I have been looking for a stylish ice bucket for a while. I would have bought that one!

  5. A console that looks exactly like that is on the Raleigh Craigslist right now (in Wilson)! Love it!