Monday, June 3, 2013

Bedroom| Decisions

Our master bedroom has made a lot of progress in the past couple weeks. I have always been a pillow person. I usually have anywhere from 6-8 pillows on my bed. It started to get exhausting so I wanted to simplify. I am trying to stick with the theme of working with what you have. The only new purchases included a quilt from HomeGoods and some monogrammed shams from Zhush. They made a huge impact in a neutral room. 

Now comes the part where I need your opinion. I have a pretty serious aversion to neutrals. I want to be neutral so bad but deep down I get bored. I contemplated putting my most recent flea market find over the bed to add some color.  (Excuse the art placement. I am too lazy to take down the mirror.)

Also, while I have your attention we really need to discuss these shams. I have been in the love with these since the day Luxury Monograms started, circa 2011. The picture on the website really does not do them justice. Personally, I thought it looked like the fabric was thin and cheap. I was so pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The fabric is thick and crisp and the monogram is very Leontine- esque.  I actually ended up ordering them through Zhush because she had a coupon code and I think Sue is cute. 

Cornices -  DIY
Panels - Ikea
Lamps - Nate Berkus 
Campaign Desk - Craigslist
Quilt - Homegoods
Duvet - Pottery Barn
Mirror -  Crate and Barrel 
Monogrammed Shams - Zhush 

Thoughts on what should go over the bed?


  1. I've been itching to do a small, simple gallery wall above my bed, maybe with three or four tonal but slightly mismatched frames and prints. This gal does it to a much larger extent: but I like the idea.

  2. I'm not a neutral person either but for some reason I'm partial to the sunburst? The painting does go really well with the tan stripes though! hmm hmm hmm

  3. I like some color over the bed and I love your flea market find. Its a great size to add more pieces with it down the road if you wanted to. And those shams kill me btw. :)

  4. the monogrammed shams look absolutely amazing. I want to toss my smaller monogrammed pillows and get the big guns like yours on their asap!

  5. I'm not a neutral kind of gal like I used to be. My vote is the flea market find, for sure!

  6. I vote color above the bed! The contrast will make everything else come alive!