Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wedding Season | Favorite Dresses

| BASICS | Amanda Uprichard Shift | DVF Fleurette (this dress is so chic in person, it is my go to)
| DVF Cutout Dress (almost sold out)

 MAXI | Amanda Uprichard Maxi (i saw this at the wedding I was at this weekend and it is so cute on)
| Annie Griffin Mod Maxi | Black and White Tibi (on super sale)

PRETTY PRINTS| Tibi Shift | Shoshanna Seely | Mara Hoffman Shift (my BFF has this and I would like to steal it)

Like I said yesterday, I am a professional wedding goer lately. I am working with a budget and when it comes to spending $300 I would much prefer to spend it on a rug vs. a cocktail dress. I have finally broke down and started buying one really good looking cocktail dress each wedding season. Like home decor, I am always attracted to bright colors and playful patterns. What is your wedding style?


  1. Loving all the pretty prints! I have a bunch of weddings this summer and I need to break down and buy one good dress! Luckily my weddings are split between high school friends and college friends so I can get away with wearing the same dress!

  2. I just bought the Amanda Uprichard Shift for a wedding but now I see the maxi and want that instead!

  3. that mara hoffman shift is sooooo delicious. i want to see it on someone that isn't a stick, sometimes i have a hard time with shift dresses and fit.

    i think it is hard to go wrong with DVF ever. and it has a great re-sale value on ebay. i just sold a dress that was 5 years old.

    shopping is ALL i want to do right now, but i am saving for large purchases like a macbook, sofa, and a new lens for my camera. ugh.

  4. Whoa, love all of your choices! Especially that long Amanda Uprichard although I bought an Amanda Uprichard dress last year and it got wet at a wedding and the dye starting running...so now i'm a little chicken to buy her dresses again. Hopefully it was just a fluke!

  5. Love these choices- love the Amanda Uprichard maxi. I wish you had posted this last week- was stressing over a dress for upcoming weddings. Ended up with the Shoshanna Freyja ombre shift...I'll be getting in in a few days and I'm very excited. These are great!

  6. Love all of these - the shoshanna and mara hoffman have been on my lust list for so long. I posted a parker one that is perfect for summer weddings today, but shocking I don't have any more weddings until this fall. I need to think of another excuse to snatch it up :) loved your pink DVF for the last wedding!


  7. That cutout dress I saw on IG looked great on you! LOVE it!