Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday

Wallpaper belongs in bathrooms (or every room).


  1. Hi.... freakishly responding to your Ready for Love comment. I mean..... it was just such a great show I don't understand how it got taken off the air! And when Ernesto sent Alba home and picked SHANDI?! What. the. hell. {im sure youve googled that they already broke up. shocker}. she is the most selfish, attention-whoring, beyotch i've ever seen. Such an example of a man thinking with his penis. What a waste of the first time saying "I love you." You've got to watch the final episode though - it was unreal.... I had guessed all wrong! K, had to vent. Shandi just makes me so mad.

  2. hiiii i hope you are planning on blogging more. and guess what...i started a new blog! i haven't posted yet and i switched to wordpress which is taking some getting used to. hopefully the link will post...i am having a hard time figuring that part out. anyway. happy news!