Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap:Wedding Shower

 It is currently 3:28 in the afternoon and I have just recently sat up in bed.  Thank goodness for Sex and the City reruns on E! I am hoping it is just allergies but am afraid it might be my yearly case of strep.

This weekend was so much fun. I had my first wedding shower.  The fact that the weather dropped by 40 degrees sent me into a wardrobe panic. Lucky for me, my friend Hyla was sweet enough to let me borrow a fabulous necklace.  She is a local jewelry designer. You can see all of her amazing designs at

My grandmother surprised me by coming to Raleigh. 

Mom, Me, Neanie

Me and Mason

Doug's mom, My mom, My grandmother, and Doug's aunt who hosted the shower. 

Davy, Steph, Hannah

Davenport, Hannah, Elizabeth, Christine

All of my sweet friends

Mom, Me, Doug's mom

Mason and Abby


  1. Your dress fits to perfection - nice! And the necklace was the perfect touch. So glad you had fun time, hope you feel better soon!

  2. You looked gorgeous! I love showers. However, I don't like the idea of me actually having to open presents in front of people.

  3. love love love love love your dress. and that necklace. hyla is seriously talented!

  4. You look absolutely stunning, my darling! And oh. my. heavens. That necklace is a show stopper...doesn't she just want to make it an early wedding present, hmmm??? (c: SO GORGEOUS! Hope you are feeling better soon! Say no to strep! (c:

  5. Loved that necklace so much, and the dress, it is so cute! Looked like a great shower,I can't wait to start registering for my wedding in a few months!


  6. How fun! You look beautiful, I love your outfit.

  7. you look HOT! You and your friends are a hot group for sure :)