Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Campaign Dresser That Needed to be Rescued

The last thing I need is another project but when I saw this poor thing at the flea market I could not resist.
For $15 I figured it was oaky that it had a little water damage.  Everyone loves a good makeover and this dresser is about to get one...probably not anytime in the near future. Sorry.


  1. Seriously...you could definitely *NOT* leave that lil' beauty stranded!!! It will be FABULOUS! And you coulnd't be cuter than in that pic with your furry friend, LOVE!

  2. awesome find! i haven't been to the flea market in ages. i definitely need to get back into going on a regular basis.

  3. make it over for meeeee. in pink, for my bachelorette pad. i want a campaign so badly. i need to employ your craigslist skills.