Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mom Look!

Sometimes I am scared to suggest things to my mother about the wedding.
For instance, I have already posted this dress but have decided I would like it for my rehearsal dinner.
Mom, simmer on that and get back to me. Please do not yell at me.

I know it is expensive but those little polka dots are so darn cute.
Was anyone else scared of their mom during wedding planning?

Side Note: This was my other option in my dreams.
via net a porter


  1. Yes. I was super scared/anxious around my mom during the wedding planning! I knew very little about what I wanted until I found it. Sometimes we had to agree to disagree. Lovely ensembles!

  2. i LOVE both of these to the power of ten. too bad you won't really know how chilly it will be. the second dress would be warmer and still insanely fabulous. i'm also loving the newsprint wall...

  3. The first dress is the perfect one! It looks fabulous!

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