Sunday, September 22, 2013

Raleigh Weekend

I cannot remember the last time I spent a weekend in Raleigh. We have had a summer full of weddings. I really needed a weekend to get my life together. 

I got lucky and scooped up a last minute ticket to  the Alabama Shakes concert Friday night. 

Saturday morning my friend Meredith came to visit.  She is an interior designer in Charlotte and I wanted to take her to some of my favorite home decor spots in Raleigh. 
Really loving e noel at Hunt and Gather. There was a malachite lamp that I really wanted to come live with me. 

Our next stop was Finds. Not only does Evie have a great eye for vintage furniture, she has the most amazing vintage clothes I have ever seen. We had a mini fashion show. Also debuting, my new bangs. After having the same hair style for 8 years now I am feeling all sorts of weird about my new wig. 

Of course, I took her to Furbish. They had my favorite Nest candles, Pumpkin Chai.  I also treated myself to a new pillow. Pictures do not do it justice. It is attractive. 

Our house currently looks like an episode of hoarders. I have extra sofas and chairs laying around everywhere while I am trying to redecorate. I found this crazy burl wood mirror at an estate sale and finally finished my entry. One room down, five to go. 

Forget the humble brag, I am just going to go ahead and tell y'all that I am an really proud of myself. I made dinner. This does not happen often. I am more of a "I will make the sides" wife. I picked up some of the White Bean and Kale ravioli at Cotsco. I made the sauce on the back of the box with olive oil, garlic, parsley, oregano and chili flakes.  I do not know if anyone hates cooking as much as I do, if so you should try this. It is easy. 

In not so happy news, our pets heads are falling off. Really. We have had a streak of bad luck in the Short household. Roy Bear has been sick for the past month. After a week long hospitalization, he is now taking medicine for his liver and can only eat wet dog food. I do not know if there is anything worse than wet dog food. Small price to pay to have our sweet pup with us. Now Hank has decided that he is not getting enough attention so he is limping and has some sort of ulcer on his foot. He has been sentenced to "the collar of shame" until he stops trying to chew his foot off. For some reason, this collar leaves him completely immobile. He is able to walk, but chooses not to. There was one time this weekend I left, showed up an hour later and he had not moved. At all. 

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  1. Poor pups! My dog also cannot seem to move with her collar on, but she can whine and whimper and make horribly sad noises until you feel so horrible for her you remove the collar.