Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Antelope for Less

Our house is filled with any animal you can think of. There is a tortoise, leopard, zebra and dogs.
The only thing missing is an antelope. The Stark beauty you see in all of the design mags is going to run you anywhere from 2k-5k. In our house, we try to ball on a budget. There is an affordable version by Karastan.  Have you seen any good looking antelopes, that will not break the bank?

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  2. I want this in grey for the runner on my stairs, but damnnnn, not in my budget. Haven't found anything I like quite as much unfortunately. Let me know if you do.

  3. let me know if you do. dying to have some antelope in my life!!

  4. Obsessed with that rug! There's gotta be a similar, less expensive version out there... Let me know if you find it!

  5. I am dyyyyyyinnngggg for some antelope in my house.

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  7. Helios makes a nylon version - will save you a couple bucks instead of wool. It's living in my house and is holding up fabulously!!!

    1. Natalie, HUGE FAVOR. Will you send me a picture of your rug. I have seen it online before but they only show a really small swatch.

      My email is jessicaepley@gmail.com

  8. Hey Jessie! Have you ever purchased from Pro-Source in Raleigh? (As a designer, with tax id # you can join) There is one there I really like. Got a sample.... cant remember the brand. I'll see if I can find for you. If you ever want to go, email me. (I don't have a blog)

  9. I have been searching for the perfect antelope runner too. I had come across the karastan one too. Keep us posted if you find something stellar.