Thursday, October 13, 2011


So here are some things that make me happy. Succulents. I have taken a liking to plants that require very little maintenance.

My mom dropped off a sweet present. I have been coveting (that word feels unnatural to me--I do not think I am a covet kind of gal) this necklace for quite some time now. She got it from Benjamin's and Libba's. You should probably get one too. Thank you Mom!

Sorry for the "I am sick", "Feel sorry for me", "I love to complain" posts. I have a short attention span and being stuck in my house makes me a little crazy. When I started this little blog I tried to tell my self that I would not complain. The whole point of blogs are to show the good. While some people complain that blogs are not real life (and trust me, they are not), it is a happy place. No one wants to see how ugly your kitchen is,  or how you tried to cook dinner and things didn't turn out well (sorry about that Doug), or how your dogs ate the new cowhide rug you bought( I hope it was good). So no more complaining and let's all pretend we are perfect. Deal? Holy parentheses.


  1. love you jess. hope you are feeling better. this post is great.

  2. Feel better girl! Love that last little paragraph. Hope Hank isn't in too much trouble. Poor rug.

  3. That necklace is amazing. I've wanted one for a while but, I can't find an affordable one. Ideas? I hope you feel better. I'm sick too.... and can't wait to feel good again!

    It's funny what you said about the word coveting. It feels so weird saying that word about something I like.

    Take care of your self