Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kitchen Renovation

You might want to go ahead and pop a Xanax before you read this.
Let's start from the beginning...
Doug had I have been discussing a kitchen renovation for about a year and half (prior to closing on our house). For the past couple weeks a funky smell has been coming from our refridgerator- a mix of shrimp, oysters, and death. We took everything out- scrubbed, baking soda'd the ish out of it, and gave everything a nice long soak. The smell still will not go away. Since we have been planning on renovating the kitchen we decided why not start now.

Here is the contents of the fridge getting a bath.

After gathering all my thoughts and pinning for about 5 hours straight I am just confused.
My first thoughts go to a white lacquer kitchen with marble counter tops. Issue #1- Appliances. I would need to skip the stainless steel, which is no problem because I am kind of over it. This could hurt the resale. Evidently, if you live in Raleigh NC and do not have stainless steel and granite counter tops you might as well not have remodeled your kitchen. Issue  #2- Brass hardware is difficult to find and we are on a budget.

Option numero dos. I am still getting my white kitchen but going a little more traditional. It does make me sad that I am not incorporating any gold. I love gold and white. The black counter tops are safe. No etching or stains to worry about.

The floors are about the only thing I am 100% certain about.

Add this and call it a day.

Unfortunatley, this is our first house and I do not plan on it being our last. So if you were buying our house what are you looking for in a kitchen?


  1. My mom went the more traditional white kitchen route and it turned out absolutely gorgeous. And the black counters are amazing, you can do anything to them! I think its a great, more budget conscious option! And that way you aren't make yourself crazy over marble staining. But if you decide to go with gold accents, I got some gorgeous hardware from Home Depot that looks really high end!

  2. My vote is option numero dos because it will help in a resale since it's more classic. And you can bring in a bit of gold/brass with things like light fixtures (like the ones in the floor inspiration photo) and different kitchen accessories and art.

  3. We went with grey granite and stainless basically because we don't want to live in this house for too long and want to have easy re-sale items. We still need to paint our cabinets white but we went with things we like but nothing too crazy. I love all the inspiration photos you picked though!

  4. i think you are probably making a better decision by not going marble. black or grayish countertops will still look awesome and you can definitely find some good hardware out there on the internets. i love the floor. how awesome yall are doing this sooner rather than later! you should buy that rug stat.

  5. Think about durability so it looks as good as it did when you finished it to when you move out! White cabinets and grey to charcoal tops are a good neutral without being beige ;)

  6. Love a classic white kitchen. And you are smart to be mindful of resale styles and values. Good luck with the reno!

  7. I've spray painted our bar hardware gold and it doesn't look to ghetto at all. Maybe you could spray some inexpensive knobs gold and get your fix that way - then switch out to nickel when you move/get tired of it.

    And what about lights? Pendants ... You could get some gold that way.

    Check out white granite. Looks like carrera but much less $

  8. Can't wait to see what you decide. I've been in this house 6 years and really want to redo my kitchen. I'm loving white cabinets and marble......

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