Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Friday

My week from hell is finally ending. All I have to show is 28 voice mails and lots of unanswered emails.
I am in desperate need of a vacation. In typical girl fashion, I enjoy committing to everything and spreading myself so thin I barely end up scraping by. Then I like to complain about how busy I am. One of my favorite posts from Cup of Jo was about being busy. Are you really that busy? Do we act like we are so busy so we can feel important?  I like the idea of changing your language to figure out what is really important. Instead of saying you "don't have time." Say "it is not a priority." It will change the way you structure your life.


  1. You are funny. I feel your pain. I have the same bad habits. They are "babits".

  2. Great thoughts and I love that second pic with the quote! Enjoy your weekend, hope you get to catch up:)

  3. Love this post! Happy weekend - sounds like you deserve it.

  4. I really love this post, Jessie! I am the same way- always talking about how I am so overwhelmed. But I am sure there are many people busier than me in the world who manage to get it all done and with a better attitude than me. Thanks for the great reminder!



  5. glad the week from hell is over for you!!! I am the say way - always stressed and freaking the hell out about things to do I'm reading the happiness project and it's giving me some tips on prioritizing and making time for what really matters.

    happy weekend :)