Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day #2 : Birthday Wish list

only 13 more days to go...

Day#2 Hair Stuff

The Bombshell at Sephora is on the top of my wish list. You do have to wear a funny glove and it looks like you might need a college education to work it but I have really high hopes for this iron.

One thing that I have started to appreciate but can never afford is good shampoo. Pureology is my favorite. I like the purple kind. It makes your scalp tingle, which makes me happy. A gift certificate for a hair cut could also be helpful considering I cannot remember the last time I got my hair cut or colored. I know for sure it has been over 6 months. Not normal.


  1. I looove Pureology shampoo. The smell alone is probably worth the $$. That curling iron sounds kind of scary. But if it's worth it...

  2. Whoa, gotta check out that iron, but I'm slightly afraid!

  3. i intentionally broke the little lever off my traditional curling iron so i could use it like this one. it works a lot better when trying to achieve that "my hair is naturally this sexy and wavy" look. then i cut my hair. boo.

  4. I have the skinnier/less expensive version of that iron and am glove needed even though it was provided!