Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonderbar Reviews

Ok, anyone who is interested I have been using the Wonderbar since Saturday night and I am addicted. It feels like I got Botox. A friend at work today even noticed my skin looked "tighter". My pores are smaller and I did not even have to wear make up today. I can already tell the "Healing Crisis" is starting. My chin feels itchy and is start to get flaky. I am totally okay with this because the rest of my face looks so amazing. I will keep you updated.

Thought I would give you an idea of how small this sucker is...sorry it's a beer bottle but they are all over our house.


  1. that IS tiny! mike and i had a great time friday night. LOVE THE HOUSE! i hate we couldn't make it saturday night. you and all your girls looked fabulous! hope to see you again soon :)

  2. OK, I need to know what lotion and sunblock you use?? I read on their website that you need to use a physical sunblock and not a chemical one. Normally I use a lotion and SPF in one, but it says not to use that. So... I went out and got Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby 60 SPF block to use. But I feel like it makes my face white! I refuse to leave the house without sunblock but I cant go out of the house looking like a friggin kabuki doll everyday. Help me, what do you use???

    Thanks in advance for reading my long rant and helpin a girl out :)

  3. I have to update this because I feel like people read it and I need to give my real review. This was a long time ago. Since this I have quit using the Wonderbar. After a really long healing phase my skin was amazing for about 3 weeks. Then it got really bad. I am not sure what changed because I did nothing different. It ended up making my skin so much worse. Also, I love makeup/blush and it was just too risky to try something new because you might wake up with huge cysts on your face. That is my two cents.