Thursday, May 6, 2010

Give me that fish

Doug is really sad about the "not so gender friendly" room. He said that he feels "frustrated" because he has "no say". Last time I remember talking to Doug about this room he told me " I do not give a f what you do... I don't care about decorating...As long as I don't have to pay for long as I have a place to hang my fishing long as I have my man closet where I can put my tools. " This is why we have purple chairs and white furniture. I decided since Doug is so "frustrated" with the decorating I would let him have more say. I told him instead of fishing on Saturdays we will now be shopping and making all decorating decisions TOGETHER!! He will now be paying for half of everything as well!

His first decorating move included putting up a motion detecting singing fish.


  1. HAHAHAHAH!!!!! Doug, you are not alone. Jordan feels the same way. He wants to cover all of our walls with pj or wsp posters. We decorate together b/c I can't let that happen.

  2. ok, I feel good.....I am not alone. I walked in one day and Preston had one of his ducks hanging on the banister overlooking the den. Obviously that didn't go the way he planned....

  3. it flows so well with the room though!

    i loooove that mirror. i'm looking for something similar, or maybe a couple to go either in our living room or the hallway. i haven't decided.

    it looks like we'll be seeing y'all tonight! i have no idea what to wear...