Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Plans Include

Stalking the flea market and antique stores until I find a borderline free bar cart.

Finding a place to throw away all the boxes in my car. True Life: I am a Hoarder. That is not true. I just like to hide the boxes that come in the mail from Doug. I did this for a month and this is what happened. Deceiving but necessary.

I am also planning on transforming this Craigslist mess

Into something amazing via Gardenhouse


  1. Good luck in your bar cart search.. if you find two... ;) Great blog! I'm looking forward to following! xx

  2. Here is my strategy. When husband is not around, place new object in the room. If/when he inquires about it, respond with "what, that? That thing has been there for months!" Fun blog - I will be following!