Monday, January 26, 2015

Around My House

I have been on the hunt for a good looking, older gentleman of a chest for my not so formal living room.  I finally found something last weekend at my favorite Raleigh shop Studio 123. It immediately reminded me of Anna Spiro's chest from her Apartment Therapy tour circa 2009

Most days I really want to paint my living room green. 

I have been playing with these samples from Ellisha Alexina all weekend. Pictures do not do them justice. These Turkish inspired textiles have a watercolor effect that is stunning. 

My Mom came to town this weekend while Doug went hunting.  We had the best time cooking and spending time with the nugget.  He is growing so fast it makes me sad.  Speaking of growing, I cannot keep this kid clothed. He pretty much skipped 3 month clothing and went straight to 6 months. I am your typical Southern crazy person who has a unhealthy need to stick a monogram on anything. I bought a ton of these onesies on sale and got teeny monograms put on them. Little boy clothes are hard and this is a great way to keep it functional and sweet. 


  1. Your boy is such a doll, your chest is so handsome, and paint those walls green!

  2. Just discovered your blog - that your style and that chest!

  3. If you ever give in to your paint urge, check out Benjamin Moore's Raleigh Green. We just painted the nursery and I'm definitely using this color in my next house - it's so classic!

  4. Love the chest - gorgeous wood! Will is darling in his monogrammed onesies.

    1. Thank you! Lunch date soon? I will text you this week and set something up.

  5. Oh goodness what a precious little guy!! I'm swooning over all the fabrics and the chest is stunning.

  6. That baby boy is adorable!!! And I don't say that about every baby. ; ) Also -I just painted our half bath Chard by Behr & love it! GO GREEN!

  7. I like the chest a lot, looks nice and solid and the dark wood is nice. Not so keen on the watercolour textiles but maybe I would change my mind if I saw them in real life! I like the idea of monogrammed baby clothes, I might do that for my nephew, thanks!

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters