Friday, November 15, 2013

Things of Note

Do not forget Rachel and I are having a yard sale. It is starting at 10am. Sunday. My house. 
4513 Wilkes St.

Last night I ventured to Durham to catch a glimpse at the new C. Wonder Store. We are really moving up in the world Raleigh-Durham. Lots of good holiday knick knacks. If you are in town this weekend they are having a Grand Opening starting today. Southpoint Mall in Durham.

On a random note, my blog friend Alex showed off some pictures of her new kitchen. I am in love with her counter tops. I deal with counter tops all day long and I am here to tell you, there is not a lot out there folks. Honed granite is a fraction of the cost of Caesarstone/Quartz. It is also more attractive if you ask me.

I scored these exact Isable Marant booties from the H&M callabo yesterday. I would really like to pair them with white pants. Raleigh, NC is going to stroke out.


  1. Just saw the new C. Wonder store at Southpoint last Tuesday. Fairly bright and interesting! Southpoint is certainly attracting cool stores but honestly how the heck does one have a mall without an H&M? Utterly confounding for someone who just moved here from NYC.

  2. I am hitting the Isabel Marant H&M line today! Nice score on the boots. Um, I also think a little pee came out when I saw C. Wonder's ikat dinnerware in gold. Nomnomnom. I almost bought those in navy yesterday at their flash sale and I'm so glad I didn't.