Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fancy Pants Beds

One of my favorite things in the world is a canopy bed. All my granny decorating tendancies long for a covered canopy to keep me cozy at night. While I know this is no where in the near future, a girl can dream.

Bailey McCarthy loves her a canopy bed. I love the idea of unexpected art.

I am really feeling this because it actually seems doable. Without the side panels you are saving a ton of money on fabric.

The next two are from my favorite designer, Ashley Whitaker's portofolio. 
This is saved in my "when I grow up file". I want a custom canopy with a matching bedskirt.

Thoughts on canopies? Too granny? Too southern? 
Too much expensive fabric?


  1. I love a canopy bed - especially the last too! They just look so cozy.

  2. Love the way they look in the beautiful magazine spreads, but can't decide if they are too much fabric (dust collectors!) for every day life either. They are definitely on my long-term, granny wishlist too. :)

    1. I feel like they would get weird dusty. What a pain to take that down, get it cleaned and get it back up. I am just too lazy for all of that mess.

  3. I absolutely love this look. Bailey has mastered the art

  4. i adore these bedrooms!!! Amazing!!


  5. Big fan of the granny canopies! But that is for when I can afford a drunk french house keeper like Kathryn Ireland's to clean it for me.