Monday, March 12, 2012

Trying to keep things alive...

Not one of my best qualities. I am a sucker for fresh flowers and try to have something that is alive in my house at all times. Unfortunately, things usually die off quickly so I have been sticking with flowers in the backyard. Whoever lived here before us was an amazing gardener left us with all kinds of flowers. We have tons of camellia's.  

My new favorite is flowering branches. Cheap, they live forever, and they look amazing in a ginger jar. 

I invested in some succulents about a month and a half ago. I do say invest because they were not cheap. I got a pot, rocks, soil, succulents, and moss for around $60. It was totally worth it. I have watered them one time. One time in a month in a half! That is my kind of plant. Also, they multiply.  

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  1. anything I can't kill is my favorite kind of plant :) and love your tibi top from the weekend post!