Friday, March 30, 2012

Around my house...

The kitchen renovation has been traumatic for Hank. Our house looks like scene from Dexter. It is divided up with sheets of plastic to prevent the dust from spreading. Hank happens to have a phobia of plastic (and bubble wrap, balloons, kittens, bumble get the picture). He has been hiding out in the bathroom covered in grass stains. We are both ready for this mess to stop. 

I got this present in the mail from Kimber at House of Pemberly. It might be my favorite fabric of all time. At one point,  I wanted to wallpaper my entire house in it. That might happen after I win the lottery tomorrow. 

I did a little online shopping to get my floral/peplum fix. Now I am ready to move on. 

And the best news...
My favorite friend got a PUPPY which basically means I got a puppy because I am going to steal her. 


  1. Poor Hank. We have a couple of afraid of their own shadow guys as well. Hope the renovation is speedy!

  2. Oh my gosh your poor pup! Too sweet. And I love your choice of floral skirt- too cute! And can I please have that puppy? I need a friend to get one so I can get my own puppy fix. :)

  3. Desperately want two HUGE Chiang Mai Dragon pillows on my bed- need to save :(