Friday, April 22, 2011

Put Your Face On

My favorites

It is cheap and you never have to sharpen. Need I say more?

I cannot say enough about this product. It is the perfect bronzer. Natural, no streaking, and oil free. It lasts forever. I have had a bottle for years.  Only down side-- Doug hates it when I leave it out because he is afraid someone will think it is his. 

I rarely wear lipstick. Sometimes I even put it on and wipe it off when I am running out the door because I feel silly.  When I do I wear Funny Face. It was the go to shade for J Crew last fall. 

I have #4 Walk of Shame (bubblegum pink). It looks like it comes from within. 

I have one in every color. They are perfect for everyday and keep your lips moisturized all day. 

This is a perfect touch up. You can wear it on your lips or your cheeks. 

Let's face it we are not 18 anymore. I am all about preventing the wrinkles. 

A little foundation goes a long way. 


  1. I love me some NARS! :)

  2. Great post, I have always heard great stuff about NARS but I have not gotten a chance to try it yet, I want to so bad!


  3. gorgeous. i am in desperate need of some new beauty products, i will definitely check these ones out now. they all look amazing.
    i am a new follower :) x