Friday, April 29, 2011

I cannot stop...

talking about weddings. They are taking over my life. I am so giddy today because of the royal wedding. I am completely obsessed with anything Kate Middleton. I mean, what girl does not want to be her right now? She is so down to earth. She did her own make up!

Then there is Pippa...kind of obsessed with her too.

The dress is everything I expected it to be. Simple, classic, conservative. I am a sucker for a conservative wedding dress. The more grandma the better. I love turtlenecks, long sleeves, and lace.

Here are two of my favorite dresses that I would never have the guts to wear.
Sexy with sleeves.

Dramatic Grandma

The other Royal wedding is taking place in exactly 3 weeks. I am going to imagine I am Kate and keep it cool and collected even though inside I am freaking out.  Before I can even upload the pictures from last weekends shower I am heading home for another one this weekend. Peace out.


  1. Kate looked so hot today, but I have a feeling that you will look just as hot, if not more hot on your wedding 3 short weeks!!!

  2. Kate looked great! just beautiful!

  3. aaaaaaaaah that MoniqueL dress sits in my inspiration folder just b/c i love it so much. it's existence makes me want to have a cool/cold weather wedding in the catholic church (where tuna's mom wishes we got married and still suggests that we do)
    we are style twins...or at least close cousins. have a fun weekend getting showered!

  4. Is it ok if I wear a Fascinator to your wedding and pretend like we live in Europe?

    JK...but I totally wish they'd become popular in the US, I wear them to every wedding/cocktail party/graduation/funeral/etc...

  5. I love the sleeves too!!! The more grandma the better.