Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday after work I killed my computer.

Text messages between my mom and I:
Me: I hate my life right now. I tripped, dropped my computer, it broke, I cried. (I am a little dramatic at times)
Mom: You do not hate your life. You have a good life you just had a bad day.
Me: I know it's just I love my computer and it has never broke in 5 years.
Mom: I know. Now go get it fixed or I will go into blog withdrawal. You know I  read your blog because I have no life.

Looks like the blogging bussniess is shut down indefinatley. Tear.


  1. Oh no!! That stinks! Good luck getting it fixed! So is it appropriate to say "Get Well Soon"?

  2. That totally sucks )c: Hopefully everyone is up and running again soon, no? As a side note, your mom sounds adorable!

  3. oh no. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blogs my new fave.

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