Friday, February 11, 2011

Girl Crush

I find myself wanting all of her clothes and her butt part.
Why is it that only celebrities/models can pull off center parts?

Thankfully I have not had to hear her talk in so long I am almost forgetting how much she annoys me. 


  1. I hear ya, I totally wish I could pull off a middle part but I totally can't! I like it better when Olivia is not on The City because then I can forget how snotty she is and just think about how amazing she dresses!

  2. I'm with you...why can celebs pull off *everything*??? Hate that. LOVE the outfit...have a great weekend!!!

  3. Because they have professional photographers photographing them. Seriously a good photographer can make all of us beautiful. Well that's what I'm going to believe anyway xxx

  4. I could not agree more....about her clothes (amazing) and how only celebs can pull off the center unfair. :)