Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reception Mood Board

 We are about 4 months from the wedding and I am starting to freak out.
I do not have a wedding planner. I have considered it pretty much everyday but the truth is...
it is not in my budget.  Also, I figure I have done all the work so why hire someone now?
I think it just hit. me. today. On the day of the wedding...
who is going to tie my napkins in bows?
throw out gold confetti?
tie streamers in the trees?

images via kate spade, coco t kelley, and style me pretty

Anyone know any amazing wedding planners (in NC)  who I could actually afford?



  1. do you have a really good friend that might not be in the wedding party that wouldn't mind doing it? that's what i did and she rocked!

  2. Ask people around you. Your mom's friends, etc. Assign them to different tasks, most people are more than happy to help! It's going to come together perfectly, don't worry!

  3. LOVE peonies and really loving the navy and white paisley print table runner!

  4. Find a friend, your mom's friend, a distant cousin, a college gal who needs some $ to help. Have you tried Craigslist?

  5. Jess... Let me do some of it:) You know I love jobs and I'm sure Margaret will help me!!! Let me know and I'd love to help.

  6. i'm quite good at tying bows! seriously jess..whatever you need.

  7. Dear Friends,
    YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. I feel so bad that I posted this post now. I was having a stressul day and started to freak out. The situation is under control :) I love all of you!!

  8. I feel the same way!! People keep telling me I'm not alone and alot of brides feel the exact same way.

    I'm getting married in March and I'm just about at the peak of my complete freak out mode- I hope it gets easier from here.

    Found your blog from Mr. Goodwill Hunting- headed off to read the rest of your wedding posts (and others of couse) I LOVE your blog!