Monday, January 10, 2011

Save the Date progress

Save the dates are done and going in the mail this week. 
Christine came over and helped me address them.
Each one was a little piece of art. I am in love

 If you get one in the mail and it is not so cute you can blame me.
Due to time constraints I did my fair share and they are not something I am proud of.
Tina, you really should quit your day job.


  1. But, I make soooo much money teaching, haha!

  2. they are super cute! i didn't even do save the dates. how lame.

  3. Tina - You are amazing! These are great.

    Glad our address made the preview :)

  4. Beth- not only did y'all make the cut, but it was for BETH AND OLIVER BROOKS!!!! I can't wait for this weekend, you are going to be a stunning bride!