Monday, March 30, 2015

Wallpaper Files: Waverly Lightfoot Mural

It is no secret I have an obsession with chinoiserie wallpaper. It gives me my fix for color without feeling trendy. I remember the first time I saw Kate Townsend's colorful bathroom in Lonny. It was 2010. I had just discovered blogs and was in the process of buying my first house. I still cared what my husband thought about decorating and knew this girly paper would not make it into my house anytime soon. 

Fast forward to present day. We have been in our house for 5 years and this paper has stood the test of time with me. As far as Doug goes, he has grown wise in his old age and let me decorate however I want. I don't tell him how to fish. 

I finally am the proud owner of a mural. The mural looks nothing like the Waverly website. It is quite stunning in person. I cannot wait to get it on a wall and see it in all of its glory. 

This mural is discontinued. I purchased what seems to be the last of the stock. I have a couple extra left if anyone is interested. It is 15 ft. long and would look stunning in a powder room or bedroom. Email me at 

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  1. Looks great! I still can't convince my husband to bring pink floral wallpaper into our bedroom or I would have emailed you already! Any advice on a man-friendly wallpaper mural? (Mine may not achieve the heightened state of wisdom in decorating that yours has in the near future). Jenn at East Meets South