Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 5 | Favorite Bedrooms

 I have realized that I am attracted to over the top masters. I love a granny canopy. This black and white scallop is one of my favorites.
(I cannot find the orignial source to this picture. For some reason I think it is from Lonny. Anyone?)
Blue and white + canopy + Mark Sikes. This is pretty much sums up my entire style. The duvet fabric is Carolina Irving. Another great from Lonny.
I have professed my love for Ashley Whittaker many times on this blog. This bedroom solidifies my love. In my very personal opinion, this is as classic as it gets. I see a pattern- expensive canopies.
This is one of my favorite headboards of all time. I think this room feels more attainable and easier to replicate on a realistic budget. I would LOVE to see the rest of the room. 
(I have no source on this picture)
This is another bedroom I love that feels attainable. It is just easy and pretty, typical Suellen Gregory.


  1. I, too, love a granny-inspired, over-the-top master. There is something very comforting about those old school florals and heavy fabrics. I also love grandma coats...probably for the same reason.

  2. Top photo is Celerie Kemble's bedroom from Lonny. So obsessed with her! xx