Monday, October 21, 2013

A Weekend of Agressive Bargain Shopping

Saturday I went to the Furbish Flea Market.    I went to help my friend who was working the event get some pictures. I had no intentions of shopping for my house. I ended up coming home with two paintings and the largest ginger jar I have ever seen. It got so bad I even contemplated going back for a second round. 

There were so many goodies and everything was priced right.
I vote this becomes a monthly occurrence!
You may have missed the flea if you are not in Raleigh, 
you can still shop online

My favorite part was the affordable original art, which is so hard to come by.

Never ending goodies including- a tortoise ice bucket, antlers and cheap prints.

Of course, my favorite was a little blue and white corner.

My obsession with all things French continues.
This jar is ginormous. I am kicking myself for not buying his matching pair.


  1. I often consider a special trip to Raleigh, just to go to Furbish. One day...

  2. Begged & pleaded with my man to allow me to go to Raleigh for the day. I got shot down. His dern mother was here. Love those Mexican looking antlers!

  3. I have a really similar ginger jar (but mine is actually a little bigger!) and contemplated getting a pair, but forced myself to not always need things in pairs...especially with the size. i think the one looks great!! Great seeing you at the Furbish Flea!

  4. I was there too!! Wasn't it crazy??!! And great! My only regret is that I didn't buy more!!