Monday, May 13, 2013

Best Weekend Ever.

I am a little sappy this Monday thinking about the past weekend. I got to spend 3 days with my favorite people in the world. There was lots of food and even more wine. My little friend was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. The wedding was amazing, followed by a barefoot dance party on the front lawn of the wedding venue. I am still cleaning up all the glow sticks and pirates booty. 

Thursday night cookout...

The bride to be with her sis and the most beautiful shoes ever. 

Great minds think alike. 


The bride and groom. 

Pretty bridesmaids. 

Beth looking like Gwen. 

Told you she was stunning. 

Thanks for letting me reminisce. Now everyone come back immediately. 

Check out more pictures my insanely talented friend Christine took, here.


  1. Seriously. The MOST fun weekend. Sunday...not so fun.

  2. Oh wow I love the back of her dress. Looks like such a fun weekend! I went to a bridal shower this weekend so I got a little taste :). Can't wait for the actual wedding!

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  3. how beautiful are you and your friends!!! what a fun weekend!