Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Recap

First up, some busniess...
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Thursday night I took Doug to one of our favorite dinner spots in Raleigh, Mo's Diner. 
I needed a break from studying and I could not miss out on Triangle Restaurant Week

I am officially a brunette. New year, new low maintenance me.  
The sad thing is, this was the least creepy picture I took. I try. 

Looking forward to using Grayline Linen. Great linens under $10. 

I am slightly addicted to my new Whitney English planner
It is a game changer if you are a hot mess like me. 


  1. Love the brunette! I'm awful at taking photos of myself and not looking angry or creepy.

  2. Your hair looks great! And I just ordered a color board of that linen, glad you like it. The prices are insane!

  3. hooray for brunette! i am in serious need of a real planner bc i am so loose brained.

  4. Oh, I'm loving the new hair on you!! I went brunette last year for a few months... definitely low maintenance!

  5. Love the hair, considering the planner myself! Good to hear you find it so useful I haven't made peace with the cost yet :)

  6. You couldn't be a hot mess if you tried. Love the new brunette locks, gurlll. I have been a redhead, a blonde and a dark dark brunette and let me tell ya...brunettes have more fun. BTW selfies are always creepy in my book. You managed to not look so creepy here so job well done.

  7. Oh thanks for reminding me about that linen!!!! I love love the colors.

  8. Oh, an dI also love you as a brunette :) Very pretty.

  9. Welcome to the dark side my love! I ditched the blonde several years ago and it is so freeing not to base your plans around a base lift. I sometimes miss it and think about going back and then I think about all the pillows and crap for my coffee table I could buy instead!