Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life Recap

I have not done a weekend recap in quite some time. We have been crazy busy trying to get our life back together after a kitchen renovation. I had every intention of showing yall our kitchen this week. I am not trying to make it dramatic. Things are just on back order and it looks like our hardware is not going to be in until the first week of June.

This weekend we celebrated out first anniversary! It was so special. Doug was very thoughtful and we did some of our favorite things. We went to the Farmer's Market...

 He surprised me at work with my favorite flowers. It has only taken him 4 years to remember my favorite flower. I get super embarrassed whenever he sends flowers to work, which would explain why he always does it... 

He really surprised me with a sweet little ring. Before you start judging and gagging, you must know I am helping design a jewelry store.  More on that in the near future. They are amazing at what they do. They made my engagement ring, wedding band and now this...

                                              We had a little dinner to celebrate Mother's Day...

I have been packing for a huge weekend in DC. My favorite people in the world are getting married...

We have been busting our butts around the house. We power washed our deck and got some patio furniture. Doug and I spend more time outside than we do inside once it starts getting warm. From now until October we will probably eat dinner outside every night. Since we did the kitchen I can see myself wanting to stay here for a while. I am figuring out how to make it more comfortable and utilize the space we have.

Twinkle lights went up...
         Our last project is finishing the dining room. Grasscloth was installed yesterday. No one can understand how happy this makes me. I have talked about wallpaper
for 3 year and it has finally happened.  
As you can see, we have more projects going on than we can count. I am looking forward to finishing up and enjoying the rest of the summer.


  1. hello patio furniture! LOVE IT. everything is really looking amazing. you are crazy if you want to move out of this house after all the work and thought you have put into it. i want to come visit soon! maybe when i'm in town for work i can crash with you and we can drink wine on your deck all night. sound good? good.

  2. Happy Anniversary!What a thoughtful husband!
    That patio furniture is fantastic.

  3. Um where in the world did you find that fantastic patio furniture???

  4. congrats on your 1 year!! did it go by super fast for you? and ahh what a sweetie to send flowers to your work. i always get embarrassed when my husband does that, like beet red!

  5. EXCUSE ME where did that outdoor furniture come from?!?!?!?!

  6. I am friggin obsessed with your outdoor patio!!! Ahhhh! So jelly! Come and do mine pretty please.

  7. love love love your new ring!! Are they sapphires?