Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Obsessions

Urban Outfitters Print: Fun cheap print.
BHLDN Place Cards: Obsessed with the stripes. Remove the name tag and use them over and over + they are on sale.
Luluemon: Have yall been to the new store in North Hills? It is crazy expensive. I could only afford a sports bra. Going in there with all of the cute work out clothes and  yogis finally made me feel bad enough about myself that I have been to the gym everyday this week. You gotta find motivation somewhere.
La Mer Watches: I love all of the La Mer watches and they are affordable.
Firefly Fabric: I freaked out when I saw this fabric for less than $30 over on The Pursuit of Style.


  1. I love that watch! I really need a new watch and I love how that one kind of wraps like a bracelet! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. love lululemon! It is very expensive -- but the quality is second to none. it is perfect and never wears out! great investment pieces.

  3. Love the watch - and the fabric too! Happy Friday!

  4. I went to the lululemon outlet last year and I'll I could afford even there was a sports bra! Love the fabric. Off the check it out...

  5. I'm in love with that watch! I saw it the other day and had to really talk myself out of not snagging it up! xx

  6. you are the tiniest person in the universe so shut your mouth hole. other than that, i hope you've ordered that watch by now. i love the fabric. and i hope you score big time at the studio123 sale!