Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And I'm Back...

with the longest blog post ever. Obviously, you can tell I have missed blog world.

Thanks to the new year I have been super motivated to get my life together. I am still working on purging my house of crap. Not an easy task. 

I decided to take a break from my psychotic cleaning spree to focus on ME. Selfish? Maybe. Vain? Uh duh. I went on a shopping spree focused on making me feel better about myself. After binge eating/drinking for the past month I needed a little boost in my confidence. Some things were old favorites and others were new finds that I have always wanted to try.  There is nothing like buying more junk to replace the stuff I am throwing away. 

Jo Malone Cologne: This is one of my new favorites. I have always wanted to try Jo Malone. I got this Cologne Collection for Christmas and I am OBSESSED. The set it made to mix. I am a huge fan of the Wild Bluebell, Pomegranate Noir, and the Vanilla and Anise. I love to mix them together and get different smells. 
Visual Truth Eye Creme: This is an old standby. I have used this eye cream for as long as I can remember. It is thick but not greasy. 
Tarte Eyebrow Pencil: Eyebrow can make or break your face. I am not sold on Tarte. I am sure there are less expensive ones that get the job done. I was just lazy and decided to get it while I was at Sephora.  Throw some clear mascara on your brows from the drugstore and you should be good to go. Even when I do not have enough time to do makeup I always fix my brows. 
Cuticle Care Pencil: This is my first time purchasing a cuticle pen or cuticle oil for that matter. During the winter my hands get super dry and I always pick at my cuticles( nervous, weird habit). I have been using this at night before I go to bed and randomly during the day. I can tell a huge difference. 
Clarins Self Tanner: Another new fave. I have never done the self tanner thing. I think that people should be pale during the winter. For some weird reason my neck is like 10 shades lighter than my face. I dig this stuff because it does not streak, it does not smell too bad, and it makes you a golden color instead of orange. 
Oribe Supershine: Seriously, this is the best hair product I have ever had. It calms the frizz and static without the greasy, heavy feeling. 
Blotting Papers: I have super oily skin and by 2 o'clock my face looks like an oil spill. I keep these in my purse to tame grossness that is my face. TMI.


  1. Yep, I definitely want all of these things! Thanks for sharing. :)


  2. That's my favorite sunless tanner, it works like magic. Thanks for sharing these great picks!