Friday, December 16, 2011

A Year Older...

I had the best birthday thanks to my sweet husband. He surprised me with a gift certificate for WALLPAPER! Of course, Mr. annoying Lawyer added terms and conditions. I think I was most impressed with the time he put into his gift certificate.


Doug took me to a fancy schmancy dinner at Second Empire. For a second, I did not recognize my husband.
The words "get whatever you want, and I mean it" have never came out of his mouth. Literally, the entire dinner I gushed over how sweet he was being. When it came time to pay I realized that he had a gift certificate which explained a lot and gave us a good laugh.

All in all,  I had the best day. Sorry if I did not respond to some messages. I feel like a crappy friend. My phone died and then we rushed to dinner. I could not be more excited to spend the weekend with my favorite people! My friends are the very thoughtful and have planned a little birthday celebration. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Haha, I love it! Happy birthday, lady! xx

  2. Aw I love it! So glad you had a good birthday xoxo

  3. He's so sweet! My husband made me something like that once, I though it was so thoughtful of him ;)

  4. What a sweeet hubby you have! I love the terms and conditions on the certificate- too cute!