Monday, December 12, 2011

Fire Hazard

My mom is a crazy Christmas lady. One year she got the bright idea to wrap our door. Yes, she took wrapping paper to the front door and tied a huge bow in the middle. After my dad said every cuss word in the book (rightfully so, he could not open the front door) she took it down.  This year she has outdone herself again. Do you know how many starving children you could feed with all those ornaments? 

You know I love you and all four of your Christmas trees. 

It is so funny how I use to hate all the Christmas hoop la and the glitter- but now I get it. I am turning into my mother. 

Please feel free to leave my mom lots of love. 


  1. Your moms tree is beautiful! :)

  2. Love your Mom's fun Christmas spirit. I would so wrap my front door, maybe put a hole for the door handle thought! That said I haven't even bought a tree yet.
    Tell your Mom her tree is FANTASTIC! Wish she could hop on a plane and decorate mine. You guys should buy an extra xmas gift and the person who guesses how many ornaments are on that tree wins it.
    Really pretty tree.