Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Round Up

 I got a new scarf that is too pretty to wear. I plan on doing something silly like cutting it up and framing it.

Doug and I have had an ongoing newlywed battle going on for sometime. We are trying to find a desk for our office. Doug has been all like...

And then I am like...

We finally settled on something we could both live with.


  1. Beautiful scarf! And I think the desk is a good compromise. Kinda mod, kinda classic.

  2. Soo obsessed with that bathing suit! And hilarious, Matt and I have the exact same desk battle going on! Love the one you picked.

  3. Firt of all, so glad you own that fabulous bathing suit. Second, that scarf deserves to be a pillow. Third, love your choice for a desk!

  4. I think this must happen in every marriage. Great choice for a desk and a happy compromise! And that scarf and bathing suit are fabulous!

  5. Can we talk about how much I heart your throw pillows??