Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life Post Honeymoon in pictures

Life post honeymoon looks something like this...

Souvenir from Belize 

Wedding gifts galore

The new Home Goods opened in North Raleigh.

I picked up some new pillows and some fun boxes. 

While we were in Belize we finally got some art to start our gallery wall.

My UO Zig Zag Rug arrived. Still figuring out where it goes. 

Doug and I had an amazing dinner at the Fearrington House to celebrate his parent's 35th anniversary.  It was amazing. 

Belizian place mats are a good excuse to grill out. 


  1. This post makes me so happy, this is such a fun time in life. And have I mentioned before that I'm in love with your home? It looks like you picked up some amazing souvenirs in Belize!

  2. Love those sky blue stripe pillows on your sofa!

  3. Your house looks absolutely beautiful and all of the goodies you brought home are amazing!

  4. where'd you get those chairs missy? i'm in love.

    i spy la fiorentina!

  5. oh my goodness - loving the belize flair, what a fun way to remember the honeymoon (via home goods!) xo

  6. My husband and I bought a few eclectic pieces on our honeymoon and they add such a fun twist to a room. Plus, they are a great conversation starter! I love your pants, where are they from?

  7. thank you all for the the sweet comments. christine, the pants are french connection. they are super fab and i suggest you buy them right now.

  8. i love SO much about this post, so i thought i would do a list format:

    - all of your fun pillows
    - your beautiful striped wall
    - your gorgeous home (!)
    - the uo rug
    - the fact that you went to fearrington! my hubby and i went a few weeks ago -- so pretty.
    - and all your fun belize finds!

    hope your weekend is great! xoxo
    (i am going to have to go check out that new tj maxx!)