Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture Time

Sorry I have been MIA this week. After getting back in town I have been exhausted and we are having our engagement pictures made tomorrow. I have known about this for a while but waited until last minute to scramble and find something to wear. Garison came over and approved my outfit selections.

When I came across this on Etsy I had died a little bit. It is shaped exactly like my wedding dress, it is navy, and I am obsessed with polka dots. After ordering the dress from Ande Monster I had the pleasure of talking with Rachael from ...It's Simple Love.... She was so sweet and ended up overnighting the dress so I could get alterations made in time for the pictures. She recently started an Etsy store with tons of amazing vintage finds.

My other outfit was from EmersonMade. It is everything I love rolled up into the perfect outfit- stripes, navy, high waisted jeans, and big flowers.

Tomorrow we are heading to the fair with Nancy Ray. The thought of having my picture made makes me kind of nervous...add Doug to the mix and things should be pretty awkward.


  1. Aaaw you bought the navy dress from Rachael’s store?! It’s so cute!!! I actually posted about it as I’m hosting a giveaway of hers.  cute! I bet your photos will look gorgeous!

  2. um hello to the most amazing outfits EVER. i, too, am obsessed with navy (obvi) so i can't help but fall in love with everything that you also love. pics at the fair? they are going to be fantastic!

    i'm painting our banana yellow little chairs navy to go with our outrageous table.

  3. LOVE the outfits jess. you guys are going to be great. can't wait to see the pics. <3