Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Oprah,

I have your next guest and his name is Doug. True Life: I AM A HOARDER. Last night as we tried to clean out Doug's "man cave" this is what I found under piles of clothes and boxes of pennies. Not okay. Ever. I try really hard not to bother the "man cave". I am not allowed to offer suggestions of ways to organize or decorate. Last night he told me he is "tired of all the rules." He is referring to me telling him that having a 4 inch stack of dog hair is not okay. There was an intervention and hopefully this is the last time I find a small puppy after I sweep his room.


  1. hank and roy just want to be permanent fixtures in the room by leaving little pieces of them behind. haha. you should have seen what it looked like under our stove {we had to move it last weekend for the countertop makeover}....scary.

  2. lol this is too funny! What a good wife you are letting him have his own space! But yes no small unloved puppies! ; )
    Sorry you can't see my pics anymore at work! So sad! ; )