Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want vs. Need

I want some leather leggings...

I NEED Hank to stop farting. I was going to put some more options but my computer is dead ( it requires some sort of power) and Hank has decided to sit right under me.

Do you think you could pull them off? I don't know if Raleigh is really ready for them.


  1. You need stick legs to pull off leather leggings, and you, my friend, have stick legs. I vote go for it!!

  2. And yes...I'll be in Ral this weekend for that wedding! Kristin, Ryan, Ran, and I are going to lunch on Saturday...you and Doug should come with!!

  3. If Raleigh isn't ready for them now, then they sure weren't ready for them 2 years ago when I wore them to birdie weekend....WHOOPS...probably got some weird looks:)

    They would look great on you!