Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Ish

Due to the upcoming wedding (that is a whole year away) I went and got some random things to beautify myself. First off was a prescription for Latisse. Hank ate it. I guess he does not approve. I still cannot figure out where he found it. Anywho, anyone tried it? Worth it?

I have had a very exciting week. A rug and my headboard fabric! Yay!I am in love. Hopefully we will have a headboard by next week but I would not hold my breath. We get easily distracted on the weekends.

Speaking of distractions... JORDAN IS IN RALEIGH. We have a dinner date tonight and I am very excited.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love this group shot! Have fun with J-dan this weekend. Let me know how the headboard construction goes... I'm still deciding if I'm going to attempt that as well!

  2. i am also interested to hear how the headboard thing goes...i wouldn't mind attempting it myself at some point in life.

    have a fun weekend! i haven't used it personally, but i've heard (and read) that latisse works awesome until you stop using it...bummer.

  3. Y'all are soooo pretty! And y'all always have so much fun. What a great group of friends you have. Just enjoyed a few days with 2 of them in CO.

  4. I think Garison used Latisse.

  5. LOVED our dinner date. can't wait to hear about the headboard construction. xo

  6. Latisse DEFINITELY works!!! I started using it about 2 months before my wedding and could tell a big difference!