Friday, August 20, 2010

April showers bring May flowers..

In my head I always thought (not that I thought about it too much) that I would get married in the fall. Fall is my favorite season, especially in the NC mountains. I love fall clothes, colors, and the crisp weather. It reminds me of college football and the fair.

In life things do not always work out how you planned. I like Doug ( a lot) and cannot wait to marry him. I was not willing to rush the wedding plans but I also did not want to wait 2 years to get married. So MAY it is...

Ideas for a spring wedding:

Ashley Meaders is amazing.


  1. Those paper decorations are so lovely. A touch of whimsy!

  2. looooooove it. the first one makes me so happy just looking at it.

    how is the dresser coming along?