Monday, June 21, 2010


What would you do? I cannot make decisions. Story of my life.
Buy the affordable fabric that you like okay or splurge on the really expensive fabric you dream about night and day?

Which one do yall like?


  1. um...of course my first instinct is to buy what you dream of. b/c i hate turning my back on my dreams. BUUUUT isn't this for your guest room? i mean, that WOULD be an appropriate place to buy something reasonable and splurge on something you perhaps would utilize on a daily basis.

    my tiny opinion.

  2. you are right. but i am dying inside because i love that fabric and florals are not allowed in any room but the guest room. sighhhhhh. true life: if i buy something that expensive i am stuck with it FOREVER. cheap equals freedom to change that shit when i get tired of it. wow i am giving myself advice not necessary.

  3. Of course, I like the expensive one. Especially with a gray paint color (maybe a little lighter than the one in the picture)!

  4. I agree with Linds, you only live once my love!

  5. I'm absolutely in love with the fabric with the red flowers. I'm actually curious where you found it. I would love to get some.