Friday, April 16, 2010


I promised myself I would not complain on this blog. I am trying to stop complaining, in general. True life sometimes I feel overwhelmed. This house is not all stripes and pretty pillows. It takes a lot of work, not to mention I have a real job that is becoming quite overwhemling itself.

Doug and I have been making a lot of mistakes when it comes to the house lately, which means we are making ourselves a lot more work. I am not complaining because these have been my favorite nights. You have to laugh when you paint a room Flamingo Orange and are about half way through. Neither one of us wants to admit this is FUGLY because we have spent so much time painting it. We both also realize that this is going to require another coat of primer and another two coats of paint. Finally, we both look at each other and admit this is the ugliest room ever.

**I can joke about it because I am going to Charlotte for a Bachelorette weekend (yay catherine!!) and I will not be the one repainting this room. Funny.

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  1. bahahahaha. I like to hide my medicaid folders so I dont even see them until its time to close them, then it's like I dont have any! yay! Pride award winner! :)