Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Treat Your Windows | The Bamboo Shade

The windows at our current house have been neglected. In the beginning we had so many priorities, most things did not make the budget cut.  At this point, I would hate to invest in  window treatments knowing this is not our forever house. The solution... bamboo shades. They make everything feel cozy and look finished. The best part, they do not break the bank.



  1. Great choice, Jessie! I think the bamboo shades are a great idea. They give the room such a textured feel. Good move in choosing them because they really didn't hurt your pocket that much, right? Given that that is your temporary home, it’s definitely a great way to customize it without punishing your wallet. Haha! :D
    Taylor Allen @ Sunburst Shutters Arizona

  2. I have used this method for years.I just use a good all purpose cleaner and a regular garden sprayer on the hose.I did have some white blinds discolor slightly from leaving in the sun so best dry them in the shade.
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