Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday 5

Anddddd it is Friday. Here is a round up of my favorite things on the Internet this week.

1. I picked up this Madewell sweater in the store. It is the PERFECT spring sweater. Super light weight and a little baggy to layer.

2.This song has been on repeat.

3.I am in love with this bathroom I saw on Pinterest.

4. Game of Thrones is back. I have a huge girl crush on Khaleesi.

5. Collector vs. hoarder. I have an issue in my house with getting on "kicks". I do not know if our house can hold anymore ginger jars. I decided it is time to move on to Blue Willow china.  


  1. I am obsessed with the name khaleesi, the way it sounds, but I couldn't figure out how to spell it in a way where I loved the way it looked! Love her on the show!!

    I am trying to collect the blue willow china as well, I have a few random pieces but am on a serious hunt to finish the set!! Yours is beautiful. DEFINITELY a collector...collector = pretty things , hoarder = ugly things and garbage . right? Its not a disorder if its all beautiful and history filled!!

  2. I saw that sweater a couple of week ago and I just can't get it out of my mind! Looove it!

  3. I have a huge girl crush on Khaleesi too. Kind of drooling over that china too. I just wanna come over and look at all your pretty dishes.

  4. I LOVE that Madewell sweater. Now that we have a store in Chicago I'll have to check it out

  5. i'm obsessed with this bathroom.

  6. The bathroom & your china. Fantastic.

  7. LOVE your new madewell sweater! That store is the best.