Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

I am back after a very relaxing weekend. My husband went fishing, story of my life. I got to catch up on some reading and cleaning. Found my computer charger. I went to a pretty legit estate sale and fell in love with  a painting. 

 I cooked dinner for one and made some Mediterranean Quinoa Salad(Thanks Lily)

Pretty Urban Outfitters tapestry. 

I went on a hunt to find some shades for some new lamps. I have never been so frustrated in my life. I do not even know where to start, most of the shades cost more than the actual lamps and who really wants to spend their weekend shopping for lamp shades. More about the lamps tomorrow.
Saturday night we celebrated the beautiful bride (in yellow) at the Busy Bee.  


  1. lamp shades are definitely harder than lamps. i'm reading gone girl right now as well. it is cray.

  2. UGH I searched forever for my bedroom lampshades. It was sooo frustrating because of all the different sizes and cost factors. But I finally settled on white ones from IKEA that I planned on diy-ing somehow but I ended up being satisfied with the plain white. Good luck on your hunt!

  3. The base of those lamps are to die for! Good luck on your hunt, nothing more frustrating than searching and searching to come home empty handed!

  4. Walmart (of all places) actually has some great linen drum shades. I actually used a pair in our bedroom and they look great! I ended up keeping the linen for my tortoise glass lamps, but I'm sure they could be easily dyed w/ Rit or covered in new fabric.

  5. ANY luck on your computer cord? And that painting is such a great find. Have you looked at Shades of Light (.com)? They have cool drum shades. xoxo

  6. Um, lurve those lamps! I got some a Lowes, purely for the shape and then recovered them. Target has them...sometimes