Thursday, September 27, 2012

Packing for Italy in the fall...

As I have mentioned before, we have a big trip coming up. We are leaving for Italy in a few weeks. We are traveling to Florence, Tuscany and Cinque Terre. While the boys have been ironing out the details, Lindsay and I have been discussing what to wear. Right now is a very interesting time weather wise. Warm days, cold nights and unpredictable rain (I get all my info from Google).  Nothing can ruin a trip faster than losing your bag so we are going to try and pack for 7 nights in one carry on.
A few basics to consider...
A chambray shirt is a must, great for layering.
I will live in J Brand black denim leggings during the day and then you can dress them up at night.
I am only taking one sweater, I am dying to splurge on the Joie Cowl Neck one. 
 Heath Harrier booties. They are Clark's so they are comfy and chic.
My stylish friend swears by Everlane tees. I am going to get a couple to layer with.
The Downtown Field Jacket is my favorite jacket of all time. I have one in every color.
Madewell storyteller scarf for a pop of color.
My favorite scarf of all time the AA Circle Scarf. It comes in any color you can imagine and can double as a blanket.

I am still on the hunt for a good black dress that I can wear during the day and transition into the night. Do you have any tips or suggestions on things to take?


  1. So fun! That AA circle scarf saved my life on a long flight recently. I was freezing and it was legit the size of a blanket.

  2. Can you please pack me in that suitcase too!

  3. A good satchel/backpack is crucial, Toms (or something like them), and an extra camera battery:) I actually bought that jacket a few days ago - perfect for Italy!

  4. I'm with us both in there!!! I am so excited. I think basics are key and then just bring all the accessories. Oh and yes, Toms would be great. xo

  5. One dress I've been dressing up/down/every which way is, believe it or not, from Old Navy: I have it in black stripes and it's really flattering--looks cute with floral scarves! One note, I'm 5'4" and would probably order it in the tall if I had to do it again since it did get a little short in the wash. I also like taking Baggu bags with me on trips--pack up tiny in your bag, but super useful if you go shopping! ;)

  6. Pack warmer than you think- omg I packed all jeans and long sleeve shirts and I was DYING I was so hot! Pack in layers, as is good to pack for any trip really. But Seriously, short sleeve & Long sleeve shirts with button downs to layer and a light jacket for the evening. I'm so jealous! I want to go back right now, wahhhhhhh!

  7. So what did you end up packing? I am making the same trip November 2013 and would love your experience for my packing list. :)

  8. Yes I am curious what you packed as I too am taking a trip to Florence at the end of November 2013

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